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    Module Settings Simple Menu

    Specific Module settings

    Sets the ID of then Parent tab for the menu (this tab may be hidden or inaccessible for the logged on user.)Sm Parenttabid*
    Sets the repeat direction for menu rendering.Sm Menu Repeatdirection*
    Sets the type of menu this module use.Sm Menutype*
    Sm Menubindingtype*

    simplemenu alphamenunavigation

    sm alphamenunavigation tdselectedmenu bgcolor
    sm alphamenunavigation tdselectedmenu fontcolor
    sm alphamenunavigation tdselectedsubmenu bgcolor
    sm alphamenunavigation tdselectedsubmenu fontcolor
    sm alphamenunavigation tdmenuover bgcolor
    sm alphamenunavigation tdsubmenuover bgcolor
    sm alphamenunavigation tdmenu bgcolor
    sm alphamenunavigation tdmenu fontcolor
    sm alphamenunavigation tdsubmenu bgcolor
    sm alphamenunavigation tdsubmenu fontcolor
    sm alphamenunavigation tdsubmenu bordercolor
    sm alphamenunavigation tdsubmenu borderstyle
    sm alphamenunavigation tdsubmenu borderwidth
    sm alphamenunavigation tdmenu bordercolor
    sm alphamenunavigation tdmenu borderstyle
    sm alphamenunavigation tdmenu borderwidth
    sm alphamenunavigation tdsubmenu separatorcolor
    sm alphamenunavigation tdsubmenu separatorsize
    sm alphamenunavigation tdmenu separatorcolor
    sm alphamenunavigation tdmenu separatorsize
    sm alphamenunavigation tdmenu fontsize
    sm alphamenunavigation tdsubmenu fontsize
    sm alphamenunavigation tdmenu fontfamily
    sm alphamenunavigation tdsubmenu fontfamily
    sm alphamenunavigation tdmenuover color
    sm alphamenunavigation tdsubmenuover color
    Simple Menu Is Rtl

    Theme and layout settings

    modulesettings apply theme descriptionmodulesettings apply theme
    modulesettings theme descriptionmodulesettings theme
    choose your template to use in view pagesview page layout template
    modulesettings show title descriptionmodulesettings show title
    modulesettings show modified by descriptionmodulesettings show modified by
    Invisible By Defaultdefault collapse
    Show On Desktopshow on desktop
    Show On Tabletshow on tablet
    Show On Mobileshow on mobile

    Buttons and Display settings

    modulesettings show print buttion descriptionmodulesettings show print buttion
    Show User AddCount Report button in view mode?modulesettings show useraddcount buttion
    modulesettings show help buttion descriptionmodulesettings show help buttion
    modulesettings show xml buttion descriptionmodulesettings show xml buttion
    Show Comment Manager button in view mode?show comment manager button

    Culture settings

    modulesettings culture descriptionmodulesettings culture
    modulesettings title fa-ir descriptionmodulesettings title fa-ir
    Set title for English (United States) culture.modulesettings title en-us
    Set ToolTip for Persian (Iran) culture.modulesettings tooltip fa-ir
    Set ToolTip for English (United States) culture.modulesettings tooltip en-us

    Tag Settings

    Support Tagmodulesettings support Tag

    directory settings

    Support Directorymodulesettings suppport directory
    Choose Directory View for this modulemodulesettings directory view
    Choose Display Mode For Directory Typedirectory dispaly mode
    Choose Directory Column Count In Grid Modedirectory column count in grid mode
    Choose Directory Count In Per Pagedirectory paging size*
    COLLAPSE_TREEcollapse tree
    set height for directory framedirectory frame height*
    Directory Widthmodulesettings directory width

    monitoring settings

    Module Table Name for Monitoringmonitoring table name
    Field Name to log for Monitoringmonitoring field name

    visitcount settings

    Enable Item counteritem counter
    Enter minutes percent for Visit Count:visit count minutes percent

    Utility Tools Settings

    Support Ratingmodulesettings suppport rating
    Support Sharing In Social NetworksSharing In Social Networks

    Module Animation Component

    Trigger events and animations while scrolling your moduleEnable Scrollspy
    Repeat scrolling animations moduleRepeating Scrollspy Effect
    Top offset whent sticky should be triggeredTop Space in Sticky
    Type animations while scrolling your moduleScrollspy Animation
    Make elements remain at the top of the viewport, like a sticky navbarEnable Sticky
    Automatic set topAutomatic Set Sticky
    Bounddary Sticky
    delay in milliseconds to the animationDelay in milliseconds for Scollspy

    Apply Changes ok modulesettings base settings Cancel